Hi!  My name is Jenn – I’m wife to one and mom to two and I’m the person behind Takara Baby.

I grew up with a talented seamstress of a mom (thank you for all those prom dresses!!) and picked up sewing “back in the day” but never did much with it.  Fast forward to my pregnancy with my son…  Chatting with a friend that recently had a baby, she casually mentioned that she was cloth diapering part-time. I was shocked – I had never heard of cloth diapering in this day and age!!  She whipped out her mini-stash and I was instantly hooked.  They were soft and fluffy, squishy and adorable, and it was enlightening to think that my baby didn’t have to grow up leaving piles of plastic diapers behind him.
I knew right then I was going to be cloth diapering my son.

Inexplicably enough, once you start you can’t stop.  The cloth diapering became somewhat of an addiction (it can’t be explained unless you’ve experienced it… plenty of CDing mamas can attest to this!) and as a natural progression, I started to make some of my own cloth diapers and cloth wipes.
Eventually I began experimenting with dyeing fabrics and that led to the line of Takara Baby blankets and everything else is history.

My favorite part of the creative process varies by the month. Sometimes I am in a dyeing phase and all I want to do is experiment with colors and techniques and fabrics.  Sometimes I am in a sewing mood and go on a blanket-making spree.  Sometimes I become entranced with toys and I’m swimming in polyfill or wool.  It changes constantly.

But what never changes is how much I love what I’m doing and my goal is to pass that love into each and every item I make and send out.  So when a Takara Baby product ends up in your home, you know it was made with care and with a joy of creation that mass produced items just can’t relate to.

We’re a family affair.  My children love to help (when I let them) and I’ve been blessed with a creative husband that helps me dye and brainstorm new color palettes.  So thank you for stopping by our “shop” and supporting a tiny business with big dreams.  =)


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