Hello, blog!

I have been away from the blogging scene.  I don’t know why it happens – it’s like my writing mojo just peters out.  Certainly things around here are still going strong – when there are two little kids in the mix, there’s excess energy just bouncing off the walls.  (If only I could bottle some of it up for myself – now that would be a bestseller!)  I just haven’t been good about sharing what’s happening and for that I am sorry!

Right now, the kids and I are on summer break.  (After a long, very arduous end-of-school year that saw us sick for over a month with strep and all kinds of fun things.)  We are FINALLY healthy.  We just celebrated my husband’s birthday on the 4th of July (yep, he’s a firework baby!) and had lots of fun with friends and family all weekend.  In truth, we are pooped.  We meaning I – because like I said before, little kids have energy and then some.  But time waits for no man (or woman) and this weekend also marked the beginning of my DiaperSwappers co-op!

Don’t know what a co-op is?  Well essentially it’s where a group of people get together to make a large purchase from a company.  Because the purchase is in “bulk”, the group receives a discount on their products.  I’ve gotten a lot of really great deals on some amazing goodies through co-ops!  You check check out more co-op info on my website (see the “Customs and Colorways” section).

So the DiaperSwappers co-op opened mid-end of June.  It closed at the beginning of July and I received my two rolls of OBV on Wednesday the 3rd.  So I am in the cutting, cutting, cutting phase.  This co-op was a larger success than I thought it was going to be (the summers are usually quite a slow time in retail-land) and I can tell it’s going to keep me very busy for the next several weeks.

One of the first things I always do now (which I learned the hard way during my very first co-op) is to check the quality of my new fabric.  I cut off about a half yard from each roll and give it a thorough wash and dry, and then a quick dyeing session.  This will tell me if the fabric is first quality (soft, silk and everything OBV should be) or second quality (rough or pilly).  A couple years ago during my very first co-op, I bought a couple rolls and immediately cut it all up and dyed it all up.  A LOT of cutting and dyeing.  However, once the dyeing was finished, I could see that some fabric was very pilly and thinner than normal.  Turns out the manufacturer had produced some not-so-great fabric and I (and several other WAHMs that use the same source for fabric) had gotten the bad end of the deal.  Of course, this meant re-cutting and re-dyeing quite a bit of product.  Which was right before the holidays and was a nightmare.  So now, I do a cut, wash and dye test and if all looks good, I continue on.  At this moment I have a half yard of each roll washed, dried and now in a dyebath.  Cross your fingers!


Two rolls of organic bamboo velour – waiting for cutting and dyeing!

In other news, my daughter completed her first sewing project!  It was quick and she had a little assistance from yours truly, but she did it 90% on her own and for 6 years old with virtually no previous sewing time/experience, I’d say she did a great job!  She made a pillow for her little Zhu Zhu pet:


Learning to sew straight lines!


So far, so good!


A little stuffing and voila! A pillow!

So that’s the updates for now!  I hope you and yours had a wonderful 4th of July and holiday weekend.  I’ll try to keep on top of the updates, especially with the co-op at-hand since I know everyone loves to hear how things are progressing.  🙂

Until next time,



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