Let’s Do the Details (FB giveaway)…

Okay so – I’m excited for Saturday’s giveaway, you’re excited for the giveaway – let’s figure out the details shall we?

First off, I will definitely have three things total to give away.  Since TB is turning 3 years old, it seems to fit the occasion.  🙂  First is the rainbow diaper that you’ve already seen.  The other two are still mysteries but will possibly involve some of this:

New colorway: Hummingbird

New colorways: Hummingbird and Treasure Map

Hummingbird and Treasure Map are two new colorways for me (experiments that I ended up loving!) and I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with it.  Well, two snapless of each (size 1 and 2) are already sewn and sitting on my table.  But the extra, I just don’t know!  Any thoughts?

So I know the BIG question for the giveaways (other than what the other two goodies are, of course!) is when the heck and how the heck are they going to happen?  Here’s the scoop:

Friday night sometime I will create a photo album on Facebook titled, “Stuff We’re Giving Away!” (or something along those lines).  In it will be a picture of each item that is going to be going to a new home, free-for-shipping.  From Saturday (4.20) to Saturday (4.27) each person will be allowed one comment per item which will be their entry into the giveaway.  If you share an item, that will count as an additional entry for you (per item).  If you refer some one to the page and they “like” our page, have them mention who sent them there and that will count as an additional entry for all three items.  (ie, if two people come and like TB and they say you sent them, then you will get 2 additional entries PER ITEM).  Sunday (4.28)  I’ll do a drawing for each and contact the winners via Facebook to arrange shipping.  Yay!

Since everything is in threes, there’s one more thing.  If, by some crazy freak chance there are 300 likes or more by the end of the week, I have some OBV cut for a throw-sized blanket (our biggest size at 60″ x 60″) that will be free (totally FREE, even shipping) and the winner can customize the colors for the LWI.

So please, spread the word!  The more, the merrier and the better the chance to win something beautiful from Takara Baby!





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