Gearing up!

Happy Friday!

It’s been a crazy week here with the kids on Spring Break.  (understatement)

BUT – I’m happy to say that I have been gearing up for Takara Baby’s anniversary coming up in a little over a week!  I’ve decided I am going to sew and sew (and dye and dye) and then get ready for a BIG stocking (where you know, the store actually looks full) on TB’s anniversary (April 20th).  This also means that I’ll be doing a “media blitz” and that blitz involves my return to (dun dun duuuunnnnnn) FACEBOOK.  I know.  I said I didn’t want to.  I said I wouldn’t.  But – the reality is – for a small business, Facebook is kind of a must.  Much to my chagrin, believe me!  So because the previous Takara Baby Facebook page was tied to my personal FB page – and my personal page is definitely done – I have created the official TB Facebook page and you can find it HERE.

The good news is that lots and lots of people still love Facebook and if you’re one of them, it will be that much easier to see what’s happening here at TB!  Also, I’ll  be able to do my giveaways there and anything that facilitates that can only be good, right?  I’m working on getting up pics and info.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on FB and things have been a’changing (ugh, Timeline!) so I’m learning my way around it.

But please stop on by – the page is shiny and new and would love some hellos.  🙂

In other news:

I’ll be stocking my snapless fitteds – I’ve got some really pretty colors dyed and sewn and I’m planning on posting sneak peeks soon! – aaaaannnnddd, finally, I’ve got some closures to stock as well.  Diaper pins and these cuties:

Boingo baby!

Boingo baby!

No, not the baby.  The Boingos!  😉

I’ll be adding Snappis as well but I need some time to put together that order.  (The color/amount/size combinations make my head explode.)  So in the meantime, Boingos and some classic diaper pins will be stocking as well!  I’ve got some glow-in-the-dark, purple, green, blue and orange I believe.  Woohoo!

Anyway back to the sewing machine with me (while the kids are distracted) – hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday and if you’re so inclined, pop by on FB and say hi!


Until next time,



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